Welcome to UfE GmbH

Since 1995 the UfE GmbH is developing and manufactoring network monitoring devices.

Our units are smartly monitoring the voltage, frequency and impedance of the grid and also detecting an island network. Therefore a patent-registered measuring procedure is used.
The UfE-developed devices are certified according to the latest VDE0126 and also german VDE-AR-N4105 standard.

We offer electrical network monitoring devices as autonomous units for 1-Phase and 3-Phase input solutions.
The 1-Phase unit comes with integrated relays up to 25 Ampere and doesn't need any added contactors. For all other applications we offer the 3-Phase unit which is monitoring the grid independently to the power of the installation by controlling two contactors.

Independent to the programmed standards different settings respectively to the value and the time of reaction may be set by the manufacturer.
With the ENS-devices almost any generator can be connected to the grid compliantly to the standard obtained to your country.

We ensure highest quality standards and provide a 5 year warranty on all our products.